Keeping your scapular muscles coordinated and endurance strong is critical because if you don’t have muscular stabilization in your scapula, your rotator cuff won’t work either.  You can do your rotator cuff strengthening but it’ll stay relatively injured or cause pain, impingement, or a few other problems if your stabilizers are not doing their job.

The scapular stabilizers are a group of muscles that play a crucial role in stabilizing and controlling the movement of the scapula (shoulder blade). These muscles work together to maintain proper scapular positioning and mobility, which is essential for overall shoulder function and the prevention of injuries.

Below this blog is a video that contains some exercises that target the scapular stabilizers, that are included in rehabilitation programs for shoulder injuries and that are also important in strength and conditioning routines for athletes and individuals looking to maintain healthy shoulder function

It is important to perform these exercises with proper form to avoid overloading the shoulder joint and causing further issues. Consulting with a physical therapist or fitness professional can help you develop a targeted and safe scapular training program. Message us or schedule an appointment, we would gladly help you with your scapular issues!

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