Frustrated with nagging or repeated injuries?

Get your mojo back and enjoy running again – injury free

Completing a marathon training program and getting to the line healthy is tough. We know.

We’ve helped hundreds of runners get over their injuries.

It’s much easier to maintain your health than it is to heal from an injury.

That’s where we come in.

If you want the best chance of staying injury-free while preparing for your race, then you’ve found it.

Your Injury-Free Plan

Schedule your initial running assessment

Receive weekly or bi-monthly treatment sessions

Get to your race in the best shape of your life

Our program is a sports maintenance program aimed at decreasing muscle tension and improving your recovery.

Your recovery sessions will consist of a

● Weekly 30-60 minute sports massage recovery session with one of our experienced therapists

● Free alignment with our expert sports chiropractor

● Frequent tips about how to get stronger and run faster

With participation in the program, you can expect looser muscles and better recovery from your workouts.

You will get to your race with the best possible chance of success.

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