Musculoskeletal Diagnostic Ultrasound

If you want a less expensive alternative to MRI in Austin, musculoskeletal diagnostic ultrasound (MSKUS) is the way to go.

Benefits of musculoskeletal diagnostic ultrasound

1/3 of the price of MRI

You can see the results instantly

Dynamic imaging (able to see snapping joints)

Identification of inflammation

Able to monitor your stages of healing

Safe with internal medical devices and hardware

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Musculoskeletal diagnostic ultrasound is noninvasive and offers instant results, allowing for examinations of your muscles at rest and in motion. This enables us to quickly find what and where your pain is coming from.

The ability to take a video of your movement is what makes it different and more efficient than MRI, x-ray, and CT and gives you a more accurate diagnosis.

MSK US is recommended if you have a running injury, rotator cuff strain, popping shoulder, inflammation, tendonitis, tendinosis, ligament tears, muscle pulls and muscle strains, or any other pain associated with sports. It is also helpful for those that experience claustrophobia or anxiety with an MRI.

MSK US costs you less than half as much as an MRI.

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