shoulder exercise

Here are our top 5 to prevent Rotator Cuff problems:


1) Dynamic Blackburn

  • Lying down with your chest on the ground, retract your chin and lift your chest off to get a little bit of thoracic extension, with your arms on the sides.
  • Depress your scapula while maximally externally rotating the shoulders.
  • Bring your arms up to 120˚, maintaining the position for a couple of seconds, putting your thumbs upwards.
  • Release all the way back down. Relax.
  • Repeat.


2) Costanza

  • Lying on one side, drop your scapula down where you depress it.
  • Keep your elbow pinned to your hip while doing a full external rotation.
  • Once you’ve reached the side, bring your arm up, rotate internally, and mimic a throwing motion.
  • Do this exercise super slow. Repeat.


3) Standing Field Goal

  • Use a theraband that is double its resting length as your starting position, holding the band in front of you in a slight internal rotation.
  • Set your thoracic spine in a good position, with your scapula down start to externally rotate as you bring your arm back to the scaption plane and externally come back as far as you can. Keep your thumbs up.
  • Hold the position for a couple of seconds, then put your arms back down and release while not letting the scapula round and come forward. Repeat.


4) Subscapularis Pull

  • Still using a theraband hold that is double its resting length, stand with the arm holding the band to your side.
  • Maintain a good thoracic position, scapula down, hold the band at the top of your hand.
  • Internally rotate the arm that holds the band, and try to get your thumb as far across your back as you can making sure that your shoulder is not dumping forward.
  • Release back.


5) Push Up Plus

  • In a push up position, keep your spine in neutral position, move the scapula down by pinching them together, then push your palms away.


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