If you're a soccer player dealing with a groin injury, it's important to understand how it happened and why. In most cases, it's a result of accumulated stress over time. However, there are instances where a quick movement or strain can directly affect a groin muscle. Given the repetitive nature of soccer, these injuries often stem from small micro tears that gradually build up. Without proper treatment, stretching, and recovery, they can lead to irritation, muscle spasms, or even more severe muscle strains. These injuries can hinder your training and prevent you from competing at your best.


Assessing an Adductor Injury

When assessing an adductor injury, we start by performing a series of movements that help us identify potential compensations that contribute to the cause of your adductor pain. Once we have completed this initial assessment, we move on to a neurological exam, which is usually negative for this type of injury. Following that, we conduct further biomechanical assessments focused on your hips, back, knees, and ankles to pinpoint the specific areas that contribute to your adductor strain.

Diagnosis and Game Plan

With all this information gathered, we can reach a clear diagnosis and develop a comprehensive game plan to aid your recovery. This involves creating a treatment plan that includes both at-home and in-office care. In the office, we can utilize techniques such as active release for soft tissue tension, dry needling, and adjustments to address joint restrictions in the hips or surrounding areas. We also incorporate assisted stretching and targeted exercises to strengthen weak areas and address tightness.

Additionally, we provide guidance on at-home treatment, reinforcing the exercises and addressing the identified areas of tightness. This empowers you to actively participate in your own recovery rather than solely relying on our assistance.

A Winning Combination

Combining chiropractic adjustments, massage, and rehabilitation exercises, we have found that this holistic approach yields the best results for faster and more effective recovery. If you're interested in our assistance to help you feel better, we would be delighted to provide our expertise. I am confident in our ability to help you achieve a full recovery.


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