Soft Tissue Work To Start

In most cases, the treatment primarily revolves around soft tissue work, particularly active release technique, depending on the stage of healing. Initially, our focus is on reducing inflammation, calming the affected area, and releasing the tissues surrounding the injury site to prevent further irritation and inflammation. As the healing progresses and scar tissue begins to develop, we incorporate active release technique to improve blood flow and ensure optimal alignment between the scar tissue and muscle fibers.

Chiropractic Manipulation and Rehab

The treatment plan will include chiropractic manipulation to promote proper joint movement and distribute stress evenly throughout the body, as well as at-home exercises to initiate rehabilitation. Specifically, we will prioritize strengthening and activating the glutes over the hamstrings to ensure the correct muscles are engaged and to prevent the hamstrings from overcompensating. We will also address other areas such as the calves and back, focusing on stabilization to minimize additional stress on your body, especially as you return to exercising and playing sports.

At-home Regimen

Stretching tight muscles and strengthening weak ones will be key components. We must gradually increase stress levels to avoid burdening the hamstring excessively, which could potentially hinder the healing process. This cautious approach will be essential to facilitate your recovery without any setbacks. I am confident that our treatment approach will lead to improvement, and I look forward to helping you get better.

Hamstring Assessment Overview

To begin the assessment of your hamstring injury, we will evaluate your range of motion. This involves simple tests such as forward bending, and back bending, and observing the involvement of the thigh, hip, and back in these movements. Surprisingly, there have been cases where patients believed they had a hamstring strain, only to find that the issue originated from a disc problem in their back, causing referred pain and muscle spasms. Therefore, our assessment covers the entire body, from the neck to the feet, ensuring that we thoroughly examine all possible contributing factors.

We also assess for motor dysfunction, identifying areas that may lack coordination. This comprehensive evaluation allows us to take a holistic approach to prevention, as maintaining a pain-free state is of utmost importance. Our assessment includes a range of motion evaluation, a neurological assessment, and an MDT evaluation of your low back to rule out any potential back-related causes of the hamstring issue.

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