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Medial elbow pain on the inside of your elbow can be caused by a variety of reasons. First of all, you could have tendonitis, which is basically inflammation of the tendon as it attaches onto the bone, or a tendonopathy, which means you've had tendonitis multiple times.The tendon becomes degenerative because it's gone through the inflammatory phase multiple times. Often, what's happening is that you're doing too much in a short period of time, which irritates the inside of your elbow. This irritation is often too much for the tendon to tolerate, so it becomes inflamed.


To best assess your medial elbow pain, what we would do in the office is first rule out any red flags in the elbow. It's pretty rare for that to happen, but we're looking for tears, neurological conditions and things like that. This is pretty easy to rule out through neck movement, as well as some compression tests to make sure you're not getting any referred pain from the neck into the shoulder, elbow, or hand. Once that's ruled out, we'll take you through a full range of motion, testing for your shoulder as well as wrist. Since this condition is often caused by playing a racket sport or a throwing sport, we can examine your form and see if that’s contributing to your pain.


There's lots we can do for treatment including soft tissue work, dry needling, adjustments, active release technique and rehab for scapular motion.  So we loosen what's tight, strengthen what's weak, and make sure that your overall motion is fluid. We'll get you feeling better as soon as possible.


So if you like what you're hearing and would love to come in and feel better sooner than later, give us a call.

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