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If you're having pain in the front of your hip with prolonged sitting or cycling or any exercise where you're bringing your hip up and across your body and if it creates what feels like a dull ache at first then eventually it will turn into a sharp pinch in the front of your hip, then you could have femoral acetabular impingement (FAI).


What causes FAI?

Essentially this condition is when your femur starts to impinge and compress on your acetabulum, which is your hip joint. This often occurs or is made worse by bending up the hip or at the waist, such as when riding a bike, tying shoes, or sitting for periods of time. With this, any motion where you bring the leg up and across your body tends to bring on the symptoms.



Typically, we see that people who have FAI will have:

  • certain ranges of motion of their hips that are decreased
  • pain or stiffness in the groin or front of the thigh
  • limping


Treatment Plan

Dr.Bomben asessing a patient with FAI.

When we assess for different hip conditions, we go through a series of orthopedic tests to rule in and rule out different hip conditions with these pinching or dull ache sensations. This range of motion testing allows us to define the boundaries of where the impingement or compression is primarily felt.

We also like to make sure we perform a neurological exam to ensure that the symptoms you are feeling in your hip are not coming from your back. This ensures that we treat the correct area.

Once we have a solid diagnosis, we create your customized treatment plan. The treatment plan could include soft tissue work around the hip, and changing your sitting position depending on your bony anatomy and what is found upon x-rays. We will also create an exercise program customized to your needs and conditions.

If you're having anterior hip pain while sitting or anything where your knee is coming up and across your body, give us a call. We'd love to help.

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