Low back pain is a common problem among tennis players, especially those who play frequently or at a high level. The lower back muscles and spine are susceptible to strain and injury from the repetitive movements and high-impact activities involved in tennis.

Tennis is a popular sport that requires repetitive movements, quick changes of direction, and high-impact activities such as serving and hitting the ball. These activities can put significant stress on the body, including the lower back.

There are several factors that can contribute to low back pain in tennis players, including poor posture, weak core muscles, and inadequate warm-up or stretching routines. Additionally, using your upper body in moving the racket instead of your legs can strain your low back. That is something that takes a long time to learn and some training that you might want to get in with your tennis pro in practicing this technique to make sure that you may refrain from putting more stress on your back.

A mix of assessments to figure out your pain is used in our office to help you figure out the cause of your pain. First of we rule out any red flags, do a neurological evaluation, range of motion tests, and Mackenzie Method. Through these methods, we figure out the restraints that are causing your pain and limiting your performance.

Once we get a clear diagnosis of where your pain is coming from, we will now know the right treatment plan to follow in order to make you feel better. If you need help in managing your pain, give us a call and book an appointment, we’d like to help.

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