Piriformis Syndrome

This muscle sits deep in our glutes and in some people the sciatic nerve goes straight through this muscle. Essentially, if you're having symptoms, it's likely that your sciatic nerve runs directly through the piriformis muscle, and any pressure or exercise that engages that muscle creates symptoms. Movements such as deep squats, lunges, running up hills and more can create these symptoms. 


We'll take you through a bunch of assessments to determine what is causing the symptoms. We go through global movement assessments, neurological assessments, muscle testing, and McKenzie assessments. All these will help give us an idea of what is happening and what is the best way to treat it. We make sure we have a solid diagnosis and create a treatment plan that is custom to you. In the office, we will do soft tissue work which consists of active release technique, facial distortion model, deep tissue massage, and adjusting. We also will give you exercises and activity modficications to help with the symptoms you are feeling. All our treatments and exams focus on getting you out of pain as fast as possible and using a combination of different modalities to serve you the best way we can.

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